Introducing: Bullet Journal Gang!

Have you ever thought about what your life might be like if you were super organised?

I know it feels crazy “planning” when we’re all at home but HONEST, it’s so good. You can make bullet journalling whatever you need it to be.

Habit tracking, long-hand journalling, artists way morning pages, visual diary, to do lists, I got the ideas and the perfectionist BS busting to help you *actually* use your bullet journal consistently.

Let me show you!

Want to be a person who:

✨ Makes plans

✨ Dreams big

✨ Achieves huge goals

✨ Feels calm and collected,
no matter what life throws their way?

Yes, I'm in!

Ummm, ok Katie... but what *IS* a bullet journal?

You might have a friend who stopped using their normal planner years ago, and swapped it for a bullet journal. Millions of people consider this method the best way to plan, reflect, and meditate.

At first glance it might look like a journal full of weird symbols and shorthand, but really it's a mindfulness practice disguised as a productivity system. 

Whatever you call it this method will help you live a more productive and meaningful life. 

Updating your bullet journal daily means you'll get rid of things that are distracting you and add the things you care about.

It can be as sloppy or as neat as you like. In my humble opinion, the simpler, more minimalist bullet journaling is the best.

We don't have hours to spend making complicated systems that stop you from doing the actual work.

I believe that our bullet journals should be useful, not time consuming. 

How does it work?

A 4 week online course, and a whole gang of
bullet journal pals waiting to say heyyy:

The course is delivered to you over 4 weeks

I’m going to give you weekly step-by-step instruction and then ongoing monthly live planning workshops and accountability

There's guidance, support, enthusiasm and fun

You’ll be surrounded by a gang of like minded bullet journal keepers

Printable templates make the whole thing as easy as possible

You'll be using a bullet journal after week 1! 

I’ll show you everything you need to know to make a bullet journal that cheers you on, keeps you calm, and helps you achieve your goals.

✨ Write that book
✨ Finish the course
✨ Learn a new skill
✨ Develop healthier habits
✨ Meditate consistently
✨ Your goal here


When do we start?

This course is available for you to take at your own pace. One module is released per week, but you can take as much time as you need.

Special Perks:


As well as the 4 week course, you get:

Bonus Workshops
The most recent live workshop was Digital Planning tools.

Habit trackers, printable templates and more updated monthly!

Online Community
A safe space to share your ahas and get inspired by other people's productivity and bullet journal ideas.


Yes plz

Amy Davidson

"I signed up for the bullet journal gang in the midst of lockdown. Having dabbled in bullet journaling I was really keen to start it up again but I had no idea where to begin.

Being part of Bullet Journal Gang is an utter joy.

Katie is not only funny but hugely talented and I learnt so much. We began with the basics before moving on to learn some different techniques with a new bujo theme each week. I really looked forward to the weekly calls and online lessons. Bullet journaling I realised is not only amazing for decluttering the mind but also a pretty great way to relax.

I was so much more efficient at work and it allowed me to be much more creative."

What Will I Learn?

Here's a sneaky peek inside the course.

And this is just week 1!

Over the 4 week course we'll cover everything you need to create a bullet journal practice that works for you, plus tips for health, mindfulness, productivity and more.

Happy Bullet Journal Gang Members:

Claire Venus, Producer

“I am just in heaven here. So glad to see you and lots of others still planning and making pretty lists.”

Sarah Bissell, Printmaker

"Thank you for organising this. Your enthusiasm is definitely contagious."

Emily Powell, Artist

“My sketchbook was very nervous about bullet journaling but turns out messy journals were welcome as well.”

One-time payment


Course & Community :)

  • 4 Week Course
    Everything you need to start using a bullet journal. After week 1 you'll feel calm and organised. Take it at your own pace.
  • Bonus Monthly Workshops
    Our last workshop was on digital planning tools, and this month's is all about overwhelm
  • Printables
    Habit trackers, printable templates and more updated monthly!
  • An Online Community
    A safe space to share your ahas and get inspired by your fellow bullet journal gang members' productivity and bullet journal ideas.
  • Extra Goodies
    If you sign up today, you'll get all the current content + future improvements and bonuses!
Sign me up!

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The doors are now open!

Treat yourself to 4 weeks of bullet journaling,
enjoy the bonus workshops aaall year long.


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'the magical productive goodness of time tracking'

**Happening on the 26th of January 2021. Replay will be available.**

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