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What is Bullet Journal Gang?

Bullet Journal Gang is an online course and community designed to get you feeling productive, organised and calm.

It's split into 3 parts:

The Online Course

A 4 week course walking you step-by-step through starting and maintaining a bullet journal. Go at your own pace. You get lifetime access.

The Community

Our online gang! Join lots of fellow bullet journallers and share inspiration, tips and ask bullet journal questions.

Monthly Live Calls

Every month Katie goes live and answers any questions you might have about bullet journalling, productivity and more.

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Who's Running Bullet Journal Gang?

Katie Chappell (@katiedraws) is the gang leader of Bullet Journal Gang.

Co founder of The Good Ship Illustration, live event illustrator and bullet journal enthusiast.

"I've been bullet journalling since 2014, and in that time I've seen my productivity and get-shit-done-ness sky rocket.

You can use bullet journalling to develop good habits, manage your time, complete a big project, make more money and have more calm in your day to day life.

Bullet Journal Gang will help you do more of the stuff you love, waste less time, and harness the super powers of bullet journalling!"

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Develop good habits, manage your time, complete projects, make more money and have more calm in your day to day life.

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